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Chairman of Company, Dr.Zhou Guoyi has signed important commercial contract with British company

  The sixth United Kingdom–China Economic and Financial Summit was held on 12 September.George Osborne,chancellor of the exchequer, and our vice Premier,Ma Kai attended the meeting.Under the witness of Chinese and British government,ten companies including the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,China Nuclear Power Co.,LTD,Wuhan Kinghome Environmental Technologies Co.,Ltd had signed important commercial contract.Since then,Wuhan Kinghome Environmental Technologies had introduced the third generation Waste Disposal technology(one of the advanced European technology) -- Pyrolysis and Gasification of Solid Waste form the United Kingdom, leading a new trend of solid waste treatment.

  The Chairman of Kinghome Environmental Technologies (stock code 430283), under the witness of Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Li Jinzao, and the head of UK trade and investment, signed the important contract in the famous Managers’ Club of London , which will protrude its great importance in the future.