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  Principle roof ESP

  ESP roof is set on top of the calcium carbide furnace plant, along with an energy-saving features vertical chimney collecting and ESP. The device does not require an area, no fan forced air, taking advantage of the natural buoyancy and vertical rise height ESP hot flue gas generated by the strong pumping force, so that the furnace flue gas through a vertical flue ESP successfully imported into the vertical setting on the roof, the electric field meet environmental standards after the purification of flue gas into the atmosphere through the chimney top vertical electrostatic precipitator.

  Set in a vertical ESP ESP system has ease of maintenance and overhaul of the bypass flue (full use of existing chimney), and provided with a switching valve between the flue dust and bypass. Set advanced smoke spray quenching system in the vertical parts of calcium carbide furnace flue hood and imports between vertical ESP, can effectively reduce the temperature of the dust and smoke than the resistance to adapt electrostatic precipitator dust. Plus plate design originality, high-grade insulation and special way rapping since ash handling system to ensure stable operation and high efficiency dust (vertical ESP system layout see diagram):

  Roof electrostatic precipitators, mainly used in high temperature, high humidity, high specific resistance of industrial flue gas treatment, more suitable for other general flue gas treatment.

  Compared with conventional filter main features:

  Ø adapt to changing flue gas temperature (40 ℃ ~ 500 ℃), high flue gas moisture (> 16% or more), high resistivity dust (> 1012Ω.CM) environmental governance.

  Ø with special insulation structure to meet the high humidity flue working conditions and seasons climate change.

  Ø ingenious structural design of the plates, the plates ensure low-frequency variations in temperature under, never deformation, and effectively prevent dust compaction, to avoid blocking the electric field corona phenomenon.

  Ø leading countries, both inside and outside the spray technology, so that the mist rapid gasification, to ensure the quality of the flue gas quenching.

  Ø supporting special power, to maintain the effectiveness of electricity in addition to control dust at high temperatures, and is conducive to a high fine, sticky dust cleanup.

  Ø special cathode and anode rapping structure designed to ensure an effective cleanup fouling poles.

  Ø running low resistance, low power consumption. Low operating costs.