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Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

  Principle wet electrostatic precipitator

  Wet electrostatic precipitator is mainly used in the converter gas fine dust, coke or anthracite coal furnace raw material for gas purification. Also applies to other flammable, explosive gas dust (such as blast furnace gas, city gas dust removal, continuous casting and rolling of scarfing and dust, etc.).

  The ESP is usually set in front of each user sent to the gas compressor stations, through the gas fine dust, to ensure that the amount of coal dust to meet furnace, boiler and other user requirements.


  Dust pole, corona electrode and its configuration and the current density through the pole with the selected test optimization.

  Case by finite element method, that there is adequate compressive strength, the surface is coated with a proprietary anti-corrosion coatings within the conductive plates, extend equipment life. The housing is provided with security doors and automatic venting gas relief valve, work and maintenance of safe and reliable.

  Imported speakers are equipped with air distribution plate, air distribution is calculated by simulation test to determine the electric field airflow distribution.

  Dewatering means mounted within the outlet horn, mechanical dewatering and electrostatic sub dehydrated in two forms, can be configured according to different requirements.

  Inside the device using a dedicated single-stream atomization nozzle, the spray angle, droplet size, spray water and good uniformity. Spray and spray cycle adjustable intensity to the reasonable control of the electric field cleaning effect. Clean water is small, low running costs; wet electrostatic precipitator    than the tube stand to save more than 50% water.

  The system uses PLC automatic control. Spray - no cut off high voltage power supply and gas flushing system works.

  Explosion-proof measures taken and unloading, with blasting prevention function. Installation of online venting device, when the pressure exceeds the limit pressure equipment, automatic reset after venting. High voltage power supply and the oxygen concentration analyzer chain control.