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Kinghome Environmental Research Institute

  Kinghome Environmental Research Institute officially formed in 2012, is located in Kinghome environmental industrial park, it is our important component department, whose purpose is based on the overall development strategy of Kinghome environmental requirements, through research and development environmental products with high added value to meet the market demand, enhance our core competitiveness and enterprise development potential.

  Research will focus on the core business --- --- industrial flue gas fields in-depth research, emphasis on the bag dust removal technology, and then research to ESP technology, electronic dust bag combines technology, desulfurization and denitrification technology , in order to maintain its technological leadership in the field. Meanwhile, in line with the company in other areas of business development and environmental protection, research and development work will be in the field of water treatment and solid waste treatment started.

  Technology Research Institute has partnered Wuhan University issues: the ”863"Electrostatic dust bag inspired technology and equipment development", in the future will be "striving for the domestic industry research first brand" as the goal, to create a first-class R & D team, building a first-class R & D platform, creating first-class environmentally friendly products, provide the impetus for the company's development, environmental protection and contribute to society.